Big Sale

I have now sold 97% of my huge collection... The last stuff will be sold as soon as possible and then an era is over...



Detailed list of all the computers, printers, monitors, keyboards, mouses, wifi's, cameras, Newton's etc



Photos of the content of the boxes which contains 90% of the collection.


Some detailed photos of individual products



Other photos of the collection. Taken from different times when I have had the products on display.


Gallery 1 - Gallery 2

Gallery Gallery


Between 2010 and 2015 I was collecting Apple products from eBay, Tradera, Blocket, old products from companies, private connections and private donations. Some of the really unique products included in the collection is:

  • The original 1984 Macintosh (the sign on the back just says Macintosh)
  • The first and only Apple produced computer game - Through the looking glass (in original box)
  • Lisa II system - with system and software floppies (copies) and manuals and new plastic front, sides and top.
  • Apple TV box, joint venture with BTS
  • Macintosh TV computer - the black computer
  • Siemens NotePhone, which holds a Apple Newton
  • One TAM - Twentieth Anniversary Macintosh system
  • One LaserWriter 8500, which was the last Apple produced and the most powerful, also capable of A3 format
  • Network Server 500 (rebuilt to a 700 system by former owner)
  • The three different types of the first LCD monitors - DB-15 (Rev. A), VGA (Rev. B), and DVI (Rev. C)
  • Original iPod
  • The first iPhone with Apple Bluetooth headset
  • One Mac Pro system used to edit the Swedish movie "Arn - The Knight Templar" on.

I have went through eBay and some other sites to get average price on all the products I have, and individually the collection is worth approximately € 40 630.